Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Mix Mill

I went ahead and picked up an old New Holland Mix Mill last weekend. It was at a good price of $400. I haven't seen one in any condition for less than $1000 so I jumped at it. It was through a friend of a friend so I know what I am getting into. It needs some ducting, but that is easily fixed with some stove pipe and some fittings that I already have in the barn. It also needs to be thoroughly cleaned out. Having sat out in the rain and snow for a year, it shows some signs of rusting around the clean outs. I will clean it up and get it running and then park it in the barn for the rest of it life. It should last me until I am ready to retire from farming (no time soon I hope).

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A new tractor!

I haven't posted in a while but that ought to be changing any time now. Spring is almost here and with that, we will be working steadily with various projects outside. Chicks need to be ordered, equipment needs to be repaired and maintained, fencing, new hen house location, etc. etc.

One new item around the farm will soon be our new IH 766 tractor. I recently bought this from a fellow in Saskatchewan. I am heading down to pick it up on the weekend of April 1. It is a 1975 model with a diesel engine. It doesn't have a turbo and puts out somewhere around 80 horsepower. It should work fine for pulling the new round baler and the new mix mill (other posts upcoming!). I have recently made a decision to expand the farm by renting some land and growing organic grain crops. I am currently looking for land now. I have rented some smaller parcels already, but I need a bigger field of around 60 acres or more to put the new equipment to work efficiently.